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Sleeping Like a Baby, Ongoing

Every day is a new adventure.  Our big challenge now is nap.  Many nights, he falls asleep with me at bedtime and now he stays in his bed for at least a few hours (though last night it was an hour).  Maybe walking is making his sleep restless . . . But the challenge now is nap.  He'll fall asleep on me.  He stays asleep when I put him down.  But that doesn't help him when he goes to daycare.  At home one day he woke up when I put him down and he cried and cried and never went back to sleep.  And I don't think he's figuring out how to sleep through a complete REM cycle.  In fact, he may be developing more attachment to me as he feels I may not be there.  On top of that, he is walking in longer, more confident little strolls down the hall, across the living room.  New skills make for restless sleep.

Next week school starts officially.  I have two four day weeks.  The week after that, Anika will be in school and we'll have our schedule and I can work on new patterns for the little guy.

The next two weeks, everything is off the table.  I have inservice, family gathering, setting up homestudy contracts, and first week of school.  The next two weeks are a wild safari.  Oh, and throw Ian's first birthday and birthday party in there.  With houseguests.  So the next two weeks I won't fuss too much about solving big questions like Happy-Nap-Baby.  The next two weeks are all about staying healthy while going above and beyond.  We'll be fine.  I'm going to take some deep breaths and hold a sense of balance through the storm.  I hope :)

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