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Sleeping Like a Baby Day 2: Nap

Phew!  So I thought I wouldn't mess with nap, but Ian started his nurse-down, no-wait-I'm-awake-now dance.  He was obviously tired, yet distracted by every little thing.  So we put him in the crib and soothed him and walked away.  Thirty minutes, three checks, sad-mad baby falls asleep.  Poor little guy.  But I know that the result is worth working towards.  A little time for just me is important these days. The second round of comforting, I banged my hip on the child-gate on the stairs.  Full-speed crash metal against bone.  Ouch!  And it's the reminder that I need grounding.  When I feel sick (like I do) and when I mess with my emotional stability (like letting my baby cry when I want to scoop him up and love him up and make it all better), I lose my place in the world.  Doctors say that since my nueropathy cannot accurately place myself in space, I tend to bump into corners, drop objects, and misjudge distances.  I depend on visual cues for balance.

So slow down.  Slow on down.

Thirty minutes isn't bad.  Wonder how bedtime will play out . . .

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