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Scary and Lovely Surprises

Thursday night my husband asked if I had made a rather large withdrawal from our bank the day before. "Um, no." I get on the phone and discover the withdrawal was states away. No possibility that I had taken almost all of the cash from our account (luckily we have other accounts so the thief didn't get everything. But she got everything that we had set aside for bills the next day.)

Apparently, someone walked into a bank and pretended to me. They took almost the entire balance of the account. "How does that happen?" I asked the bank representative. And everyone asks me, "How does that happen?"

Either it was an inside job, or a teller was especially nice, or the thief had a fake ID. So I had to call all of the people who needed that money for bills and ask them to extend deadlines (they were all nice, thankfully). And put a fraud alert on my name, and freeze my account, and file reports with the FTC and the police, and open a new bank account the next day.

And, oh, we had vacation planned. Luckily, not far so it set us back a few hours. But it was the stress more than anything. And scary. To think that someone was that mean, to use my name and send us into such a tailspin. We're broke for goodness sake! My husband is out of work over a year. A good chunk of my disability benefits go to paying health insurance premiums. Taking that money was no small inconvenience. Ugh. I want to think they acted from desperation. Paid an overdue mortgage or medical bills. A worthy thief. I hope...

Anyway, we left town after a wild organizing/packing few hours. And we drove to our timeshare in Tahoe. This week is a gift to us (we pay maintainance). And after the dust and scariness settled, I let out tense sighs and let myself enjoy new scenery.

We are on a ridge high above Lake Tahoe and the Carson River Valley in Nevada. Once we arrived here, we watched the sun set from a rooftop hot tub.

The views are breathtaking.

The kids are thrilled to be here again. They have plans for mini-golf and kid-club. Our Lake Tahoe family joined us for the day so Ian got to golf with cousins. Oh, what fun!

We swam in a stunning outdoor pool.

My aunt and cousin are sharing the fun with us. We are slowing down big time. Realigning and leaving the scary surprises in the past. Enjoying the little fun surprises of each day. Laughing together. Simple stuff. The good stuff.

I am a big fan of vacation :)

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