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Rockstars and Bathing Bears

Anika was a rock-star tonight.  She sang her own tunes with dramatic abandon.  Then gladly posed for famous photos.She was a teenager and she was a famous singer.  After, she read The Monster at the End of This Book over and over.

Bear got a bath tonight.

The kiddos were amazed to see the dog in the bathtub.  Ian, especially, could hardly wrap his mind around the idea.

He had a great day with his friends at baby-school today.  His gums are swollen from incoming molars.  I felt back in his mouth and the little nub of a tooth is hard under the gum.

"I want to feel," Anika said and stuck her finger in his mouth cross-wise.  He bit down with his front teeth.  He thought it was a great game.  Anika did not agree.  Didn't help that he had bit her twice before in wrestling games.

Wild child.

He climbs, too.  He climbs in my computer chair to find the mouse.  The screen says Be Big.  He certainly is getting big.

Tomorrow we're off to Santa Cruz for the epic family gathering.  I'll do my best to post from the road.

Oh, today Anika announced to her class, I'm going to Hollywood! when she meant I'm going to Santa Cruz! Her teacher said it was the cutest thing.

We then talked about how our mind can mean one thing and yet say another.  Like when you say pajamas when you mean swimming suit, Mama, and when you say wash my hair instead of brush my hair or when you say  . . .

Nice she has so many examples :)

So excited for the trip.  Not so excited to clean the car, pack, and get us all on the road in the morning :).  Next post from the road!

Santa Cruz

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