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Riding the Holiday Wave

I have so much to write and share!  The support meeting was awesome.  Last night my sister-in-law graduated from nursing school.  And orders for fairies are making my bedroom a wild fairy garden!  I can't write much tonight because I need to make 4 (hopefully 5) for tomorrow.  I'm also putting together kits.  Last Sunday at Victorian Christmas we sold all but three of the kid-fairies, so I need a few more (plus the special orders) for tomorrow night!  I am a busy elf :).  And I take frequent breaks.  No numb fingers. I must say that I love all the creative energy.  I also had an idea for chapter books for Anika.  She and I are writing one together.  Love love love creating.

Off to sew fairy hats :)

Gingerbread Houses

CMTA Support Group in Sacramento Today