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Renaissance Faire!

Friday is the first-ever Dragonfly Class Renaissance Faire!  We have studied castles and knights and fairy tales.  My kinder and first grade students get to come to school dressed as princesses, knights, princes, and peasants.  Not sure how many peasants I'll see.  I know we'll have a musketeer.  I realized I have an extremely vague sense of history when it comes to details.  I know the Renaissance came after the middle ages, and before Enlightenment, but beyond that . . . Whatever, I'm going to be queen :).

It's all good fun.  And for these five and six year olds, thinking of life without computers, or cell phones, or video games . . . well that was the dark ages.  Wait, that was my childhood :).

They love comparing history to today, and really, they arrived on this planet (in this form :)) in 2004-2005.  What a world.  My main job is sparking their curiousity, having them look deeper, ask how and why.  They have a long time to learn the details.  Right now is for catching the fire and inspiring the excitement.

I'll bring the camera.  It's going to be quite a day :)

Dragonfly Renaissance

Ian's Marble Maze