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Real Life April

Real Life April

The sweet teases of spring! This past month we played and explored and visited an indoor pool (the gym). My kids found their tank-tops and shorts even though I kept wearing sweatshirts. I think about my kids' generation, the Zero Kids, born in double-zero years (2000-2010). They are the first with mobile tech and Instagram accounts, with selfies! Everywhere, even at wedding fairs near the art gallery where their moms hang out.


They are fearlessly documented, beautifully shown above and below...


They dye their hair with streaks of color and wonder if anyone will notice. "Notice anything different about me?" My niece asked. "Notice?"


Yet they are kids all the same. Dancing in their first grade class show. The Lion Dance.


Wading in the chill spring waters, leaving sparkles in their wakes...


Dancing. This month she discovered the joy of choreographing. She used her iTouch to play a chosen song while she practiced the steps over and over. She woke up early to polish rough patches. She discovered herself.


Which we all discover along the journey. No matter when we are born.

Still, I never brought a controller in the car to see if that would prevent my game from going to 'sleep.'

Lenkaland Photograghy

What a world. What a wild, wonderful world!

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Neighborhood Scootering

Neighborhood Scootering

Last Glimpse of Snow

Last Glimpse of Snow