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Rain on Rain on Rain

Sunday we went to a park with high hopes but the cold soon had us packing for home again.  The kiddos sat on a tire swing- Anika's new favorite park activity, and Ian tried to understand her fascination.  Thus, the bewildered expression.

Our last play-outing for awhile.  It rains and rains and rains. How many indoor activities can we discover? :) We actually cleaned Anika's room. Gasp! It looks very nice and tidy, which feels good. We found a few lost treasures. I thought I would put my dragon-egg in her fish tank, but she decided it needed better care :) It matches the polka dot blanket in front of her. It's glass, I think, that catches light in glowing magic. She's taking very attentive care of the egg.  I wonder what sort of dragon will hatch :)

We played Elefun after the marathon-cleaning. Ian was quite fascinated by the whole fan, trunk, catching bits of plastic entertainment. He kept wanting to pile the butterflies (are they butterflies) inside the elephant, then turn on the fan before putting the trunk on, causing an explosion of butterflies. Pretty entertaining. He did manage a little patience with his butterfly catching net, very sweet to watch him wait for the butterflies to fall into his net.

At bath time, we helped him with a great new hairstyle :)

Ian pulled a cozy towel over himself.  A good night after rainy day fun!

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