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Quick Update, um, Setback

Doctor visits: 4Days since injury: 11 Number of splints/casts: 3 Prognosis: Mysterious (Grim)

Doctor appointment this morning. More stretching of my tight tendons which aggravates the injuries. My foot is a stranger to me, painted like a Monet in shades of maroon, purple, green, and yellow. Though not nearly as serene as a Money garden. Instead, the colors reaching up my leg and towards my toes strike me as sad and desperate. My system is working so hard to heal. I wish it could be easier. Not just for my mental peace of mind, but physically. These poor nerves and muscles and tendons are trying their very best. I wish I could help more.

For now, though, not much new information. The swelling went down a little bit. But it was still intense. They gave me a new cast. And I'm going to a foot specialist once we get the MRI results. But, the disappointing news was that I need to keep it elevated for at least another week. So no trips around town. But I won't go down the swampy road.


Instead, I take pictures. The light in my room isn't great, so I get a lot of blur. I still like to see the day in images. Anika learned that Tiger is willing to ride on her shoulder, so she brought him into the room every few minutes to say, "Hello, Mommy. Tiger wants you to feel better, right, Tiger? Isn't he cute, Mommy?"

So cute. And a photo of my new cast. And the kids coloring in the waiting room at the doctor. A whole family trip to the orthopedic surgeon. He complimented us on their good behavior :). That is nice to hear!

And a photo of my nightstand, which is also my medicine cabinet these days. Ordinary moments.

And a collage of Ian, which is blurry but the blur captures his wild energy as I try to talk him into relaxing with me. Relax? Not when he could be doing somersaults and cartwheels and tumble-somersaults (which is a somersault with no hands). Luckily the bed is big enough that I didn't worry about him tumbling into me. And even though he gets wild, he is a careful-wild. He wouldn't hurt Mommy.


They all take such great care of me. I am lucky, even when I am unlucky :). Thankful for my family. Thankful for sleeping children. Time for me to join them in dreamland. Sweet dreams!

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