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Portraits in Unconventional Locations

Portraits in Unconventional Locations

We played the game inspired by Pretty Photos in Ugly Locations, or, as we say, Pretty Portraits in Unconventional Locations (because the locations aren't ugly to us, just unexpected). We visited Sephora, JC Penney, and Petco. 

Our first stop was Sephora. We noticed right away that Sephora is the place to go for pretty light. Lighted mirrors with flattering white light shine from above or create sidelight. Beautiful! We found a fun Refresher for an effect, too :)

And the pull backs to show more of the scene:

In our small town, Sephora is tucked inside a JC Penney store (it's a little strange but seems to work out for them). We wandered the clothing aisles for our next location. We found a rainbow.

Which looked more like this:

The Unconventional Portrait with Lenkaland Photography and Anika Vodicka

Our next spot was Petco. We knew the fishtanks would be a fun background, and the day-glow fish did not disappoint. We passed by Beta Fish on the way to the tanks...

And the scene as we saw it:

Behind the Scenes with Lenkaland Photography and Anika Vodicka

Then Anika remembered that she had money saved and she really, really had a great idea. So that first beta fish I photographed? The beautiful blue/green/scarlet fish? He came home with us complete with a small tank. We discovered a life lesson. You can wake up in a tiny bowl like the Beta fish, then find yourself in a mansion (his new tank) by evening. She was delighted. Welcome to the family, Ladybug. Ian helped name the fish :)

The photo challenge also inspired us. What uncoventional location can we make enchanting next?

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