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Podcast! CMT Stories with Three Special Guests

Episode 24 Show Notes Episode 24 is my favorite show ever. Listen to the episode now Click here or find it on iTunes.

I thought it would be interesting to share life with CMT by talking to the people who know CMT best.  People living with CMT.  So I asked the CMT community and heard from Margaret, Nate, and Michele.  I thought I might find an interesting story or two.

I found so much more.

We are in California, North Carolina, Texas, and Connecticut.  We have CMT types 1A, 1B, and 2.  We have never met except for reading snippits of each other stories online . . . and yet, yet talking to them felt like home.  It felt like home to hear understanding in one another.

Even if you do not have CMT, listen to this podcast.  I was amazed by the common threads weaving through very different people at very different stages in our lives.  Michele is young and just thinking of family-life while she prepares for surgery this week.  Nate has two young children and writes fantastic stories.  Margaret is a grandmother who appreciates CMT every day after her awful diagnosis process.

Even though I interviewed each person seperately, reoccurring themes emerge.  And a big wish from all of us is a wish for awareness.  How much easier life would be if people understood our challenges, if we did not live on an uncharted island where we have to explain over and over why we look 'normal' and yet require lots of rest and accessible parking.

My other big surprise was the incredible attitudes we share.  I had plans in case we got gloomy and sad.  We all face big challenges. But I didn't need contingency plans.  Each person has adapted to CMT in their lives with incredible strength, grace, and courage.

I know I don't want us to 'overcome' our circumstances, or feel we need to 'inspire' others, but I am inspired.  I am proud of my CMT that connects me to this amazing community.  This podcast touches my heart.  We are mighty.  Thank you!

And enormous thank you to Gretchen at CMTUS for sharing the Public Service Announcement featuring Shadoe Stevens.  So fun to hear CMT getting attention!  The PSA is in the beginning of the podcast.  Thank you, Gretchen!

Margaret and I also brainstormed getting our stories into mainstream media.  We figure a few notes to Oprah may just catch her attention and bring us into the spotlight.  Imagine your world changing if people knew what CMT meant!  (Besides Country Music Television :)).  So here's a link to her suggestion page to get us noticed :)

If you are a friend short on time and want to hear a specific person, here's the details. Margaret begins around minute 2.  Nate starts around minute 31, and Michele joins us at minute 60.  Margaret, Nate, and Michele, thank you for shining a light into my world with your honesty and willingness to share your stories!  I have a feeling I will be talking you all of you again soon!

What an amazing week already!


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