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I made these pixies to donate to A Matter of Taste wine tasting and auction benefiting the Nevada City School of the Arts.  I have not made a pixie like these in almost a year.  Now that my time is limited each day, they take awhile to finish.  If I do too much in a day, my forearms ache and my fingers go numb for a long time.  It's a bummer because I do love creating them!

I did find a better tool this time.  I worried about the faces because my hands are getting shakier.  But I found a marking pen that looks very similar to the paintbrush.  Much easier.  I made some extra faces so I can slowly create more fairies over the next few months.  My daughter reminds me that I promised a mermaid for her :)

Better get to work :)

If you are interested in bidding for these pixies, come to A Matter of Taste in Nevada City on March 13.  Awesome-fun!

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