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Old Spice Lion Pride

Old Spice Lion Pride


This week I had the special treat of documenting body art by the talented Alison Kenyon of Body Masterpiece. Using this inspiration... Lenkaland Photography

She created this...

Body paint inspired by Old Spice Lion Pride advertising campaign


I made time lapse videos of the process. Fascinating to see creatives do what they love! 

We all had a blast with this project. She's available for trade shows or events where you want to take your brand to the next level. Can you image how many people would want selfies or photos to share with this masterpiece?

Body painting inspired by the Old Spice Advertising for Lion Pride includes details of anchors, sharks, and impressive lion facepaint

Details of body painting inspired by Old Spice Lion Pride features and anchor, ship, and flames

The Lion Pride facepaint by Alison Kenyon turns a man into a lion

Alison Kenyon with her body art masterpiece inspired by Old Spice Lion Pride. Roar!

As Old Spice Lion Pride says, "Tear through the jugular of timidness and roar into the face of adversity."


PS- this body art is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Old Spice. Just a popular culture inspiration :) image source

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