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Nevada County Home & Garden Show in 2014

Nevada County Home & Garden Show in 2014

A drizzly day only made flowers happier at the home show. We braved overcast skies to visit and dream. The Home & Garden Show features many local businesses who can do everything from flowers to fireplaces. We have great fun. Lots of color and ideas!

Even dogs had fun. This poodle found the bubbles enchanting :)

We dreamed of big comfy beds. Had to try them out :)

We had our Lottery-plans where I could pave the patio with stamped concrete and we could install solar heat for the pool and buy a hot tub. Good plans.

In real life, the kids love building birdhouses. Sponsored by Hills Flat Lumber, these birdhouses were fun, hands-on learning. And the helpers from Nevada Union Track and Field were awesome!

Birds are going to love these!


We also want alpacas in our dream-land home :)

Then the visit to the trains!

Not big trains. Little trains that fill an entire building. The Nevada County Narrow Gauge Historical Model Railroad is Ian's favorite thing at the fairgrounds.

Two trains wind through two rooms that feature replicas of famous landmarks in Nevada County. Amazing history kept alive by volunteers. Thank you!

One of the trains has a little camera on the caboose, so you can watch as it travels through the ravines and tunnels. They could watch for hours :)

And garden decorations galore. One day I will have a dinosaur in my yard. That I can dress with the seasons. No kidding. Real life dream :)

Ian found donkey and wanted to bring him home. Another year, Ian :)

We had a great time wandering and discovering the local people who make this area amazing. We already look forward to next year :)

PS- I also left my big camera at home and testing out the mirrorless Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the 17mm lens. So nice to have a light camera! And I like the images, too. I'll keep playing with it :) *Please note: these are affiliate links. Should you decide to purchase, a small amount returns to Lenkaland while your price remains the same. Win-win! Have a lovely day :)

Pegdoll Swap at We Bloom Here

Pegdoll Swap at We Bloom Here

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