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Ian and Anika played jump over the couch again.

He loves his sister so . . .  This is how he watches her:

He waits for her.  He will not play if she does not play with him.  When she leaves the room, he dashes after her.

Today for the first time he cried when I put his blanket in the dryer.  He tugged the soggy blanket out of my hands.  I distracted him by sitting on the ground after returning the blanket to the dryer.

He pushed my shoulders so he could crazy-tackle me.  He grabbed me in a fierce hug.

He says hepppe, which could be help me or help please.  At the zoo yesterday he said bir, bir for bird.  And bah for ball.  He brings a ball to me when we play basketball.  He wants to share.

In the bath, he found a dolphin which they could use to squeeze water at each other.  Fits of giggles as they pretended to blow on the tail to make it squirt water into the other's face.  Anika, so sweet, helped Ian shoot water at her.  Then she got her turn.

He loved it.

She made a song with him yesterday.  She put his hands against her face and she rocks them both as she sings, I love my baby, I love my little baby, my best little baby, I love my baby Ian . . .

He adores the game.  He holds her face and starts rocking her so she will sing for him.

I could not imagine him without her.  Or her without him.  They are a world made whole.  My everything-world.  I hope they know how much they delight me.  They are my magic.  Even on ordinary evenings.

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