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My Nameday! And Bath-time Sillies

A quiet sort of day.  Outside was damp-wet so we played with Zhu Zhus and did chores and scampered around the house as puppies.  Well, the kids scampered.  I wasn't scampering.  A very mellow nameday.  Namedays are a Czech tradition where you get small presents, celebrate the day.  Every day has a nameday.  Think of Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day.  In the Czech Republic, every day has a different name and different people celebrate.  Fun stuff.  This Lenka-Day was very mellow. I didn't think I'd take any pictures.  I brought the camera to the bubble bath on a slim chance of catching a moment.  Ian blew the bubbles off his hand.  He can say bub-ble, now, being very careful with each sound.  So completely adorable.

Then an incredible moment.  Ian stood up and decided to turn on the Silly.

The next ten minutes were fits of giggles and silly-faces, sticking out tongues and setting off more laughing.  Party in the bathtub!

I just decided.  There are no ordinary days.

Every day is an amazing gift.  Truly amazing.  Gifts.

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