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My Little Imps . . .

I believe in little imps.  Really.  My imps are helpful, mostly, and when I ask for help finding lost things, those imps know me well.  They leave the lost item in a handy spot.  The closet where I looked ten times, or the shelf, or right there . . . Ah, ha, found! I appreciate my little imps and I try not to make them work too hard.  But lately, the past few days, I'm pushing their limits.  And my limits.

It started with a baby gift that I knit for my cousin's new baby.  Ian was parading around with the hat tight on his head, showing off.  I was on the phone so I smiled and nodded.  He scampered off to show Dada.  Who remembers Ian scampering off again.

And the hat is now . . . gone.  I've turned the house upside down.  Under beds and in drawers that haven't cracked open in months.  We've handed Ian other hats, saying, where would you put this hat? And we follow him until he tosses it on the floor.  Nowhere near the ghost-hat.

The hat's a big job.

Then I noticed a swim-shirt while editing photos.  That new swim-shirt that was perfect for summer (which ought to come one day :)).  Where did that go?  Not with the swim suits or in any of Ian's drawers.  Nowhere.

And a book I wanted to read for tomorrow, The Trumpet of the Swan.  Gone.

I have losing energy these days.  Things disappear.

And they reappear in odd places.  Left in my wanderings, I suppose.  But I think the imps must drop them in my path.  So, how to thank them?  And inspire them to help me with these mysteries?  What pleases a little imp?  A tiny bowl of sugar?  Candies?  Poetry?  What will help the imps so they can help me?

I need their help.  This baby-hat mystery is driving me insane! :)

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