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What's a Ceilidh? We found one today.

20120908-222116.jpg Musicians, poets, anyone with an idea can perform for an appreciate audience of well-wishers. This one was hosted by generous families at my school.

Anika's friend spent the night last night and we brought her to see the music and festivities with us. The late summer sun streaked beautiful and golden over us.


All under the arching limbs of a giant oak that must have been hundreds of years old.


A fun evening for all.


Except (always the except) today I crashed big time. I could barely move most of the day. I motivated myself to go out for my family who needed an adventure. Parking was great and most of getting around was okay. All dirt and gravel and uneven ground, though, which took a lot of concentration.

I am home now and my ankle aches and I am brittle tired. One of my little-known secrets is that I would rather hurt myself than ask for help. I work on that. But saying that I am Done feels like such a defeat, especially when I don't have a great reason for staying home and doing nothing all of the time. That isn't living, either.

This is the time I quiet my busy thoughts and stop trying to figure out answers. Feel what I feel. Let the warmth of the evening stay with me awhile. Close my eyes and drift off. Wake up feeling refreshed (ha). I can dream :)

I hope you all get to go to a Ceilidh soon :)

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