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Mighty Gymnasts!

Yesterday our gymnasts performed mighty feats of athletiscism.  You can see how Anika felt about the event.And you can see how Ian felt. 

Poor little guy. His posture said it all. "I would rather be anywhere..." I give him credit, though. He tangled his fingers with nervous energy, then stepped up to the first event.  

The expression he is giving his teacher as he walks down the beam is precious to me. It has all of his doubt and bravery and his willingness to trust himself. And he did smile. A little. When he was upside down.

He even managed to look dubious on the medal stand. He has carried his medal with him everywhere since then, though. He is a proud winner.

His sister couldn't stop smiling. She loves performing. She loved the show!

I love her little feet together on the beam. Holding onto air.

Her medal is proudly displayed with her other medals from past showcases.

She chose her outfit and did her own hair. She doesn't like leotards. Most are too itchy (part of her sensory differences). Both children participate in gymnastics for fun. Ian might want to join the team in a few years, except for that being-in-front of people part of competing. We will let him choose when that time comes around.

For now, we love their celebration, their willingness to risk, and their sense of pride. Go team Anika and Ian!

PS: We don't know if Anika or Ian have CMT. We haven't had red flags to inspire testing, yet. They have a 50/50 chance of having my neuropathy. So far, so good.

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