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Mama Ninja

Today is my day off.  Sort of.  Ian and I are home and Anika is at school  The challenge of working-mama, though, is how to balance the at-home tasks with very active, very inquisitive, cord-pulling baby (oh, and five-year-old later this afternoon).  I have May contracts to create, copy, and compile.  Ordering of art supplies to figure out.  Weekly note to write.  Contracts to check in from last month.  And the hardest part, really, isn't the doing of the tasks.  The hardest part is the mental plotting required to carve out the hour or two when I get it done.  Is he occupied enough?  Asleep enough?  I am the ninja trying to mastermind the perfectly orchestrated secret mission.  How to get it all done without anyone noticing that I'm doing anything at all . . .  :) Ian is pulling up now.  He's racing with little frog kicks as he crawls.

This week is my seven day challenge, seven days of posts.  So far, success!  :)

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