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Making Tombstones

Every zombie cake needs tombstones (and a few skulls).  We made ours with Baker's Dough since this was for an Ugliest Cake Contest.  Edible doesn't matter.  Baker's Dough is half salt, half flour, and some water.  Cook for awhile until it hardens.  Fun stuff.  I cooked ours a burnt brown which worked for the cake.  We did play with food color, though, at this stage, making a cool grey that I wish hadn't burnt away.  Oh well.  Next time we make tombstones, I'll know better :).  Look up directions online. I adore these photos to see how they work together, how he watches his sister with absolute conviction that she knows how to make these perfect.  I also love the picture showing how they stand at the counter on little chairs.  Precious time, childhood :)

Zombie Gummie Graveyard Cake

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