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Lovely Happy Wedding

My dear friend walked down the aisle today. She and I teach the Dragonfly class. She married her true love beside a lake. The day, the people, the sky, the autumn-scented breezes, all beautiful, all inspiring.


Today lifted everyone. A lovely day for a lovely couple.



I sewed gnomes for my friend's bridal shower. Her husband made them a little stand and they got to grace the wedding cake. Such an honor!


The wedding lasted long after sundown. You can see the little gnome-hats at the top of the cake.


I was grateful, throughout the evening. Though my quote of the night was, you know what is worse than walking with crutches on gravel? Walking with crutches, on gravel, in the dark.

Most of the terrain was fine. And I had my new walking-boot. I took photos with the good camera, before the glass of water exploded beside me and the camera got wet and the error code started up. That's another story.

Another day. I will get the photos up soon. For now, I am tired. Off to dream good dreams of happy beginnings. For now, forever.

20120901-231144.jpg Sweet dreams!

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