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Loss and Finding

Yesterday was my break from posting and guess what? I missed writing :). I missed this end my day. And it was an emotional day. My brother and his family had to say goodbye to their beloved family dog, Charlie.20121002-231210.jpg He was thirteen years old. But it's always too soon. I am lucky because we all live in the same town. Charlie was a puppy when my husband and I got our German Shepard puppy. We used to go to the river together. Before kids. The dogs quickly became family. He was a good dog. Happy. Friendly. Charlie-bear, you will be missed. And you will be forever in our hearts.

Time collapses when we lose precious friends. All the memories crowd up close again. All the time we were supposed to have together. And the sudden gap in the world where they once stood will never be filled.

Our hearts swell with memories. We hold them close. Even after they go away. Time moves so fast.

I have a plan for my niece, who is five. Anika was about that age when we had to say goodbye to River (our old puppy). She still misses him every day. My idea is to send a little stuffed dog to my niece with a note that Charlie is sorry that he had to go, but he will stay in her heart forever. He sends the stuffie to keep her company. He misses her and loves her and will be watching over her.

I will think of better wording tomorrow when I am more awake. :)

On the path where life keeps moving forward, Anika is going on a big school trip tomorrow. Three days to the coast. My ankle keeps me from being a chaperone :(. Chalk up another hard choice and 'missing out' to CMT. Grrr.

Anyway, she is bringing the old point-and-shoot camera that I used before we got the DSLR. I took the photos off the card before her big trip. And look what I found.20121002-233254.jpgFrom the Draft Horse Classic. I love the perspective from her height. And she did such a good job. I can't wait to see the photos from her school trip.

Life is a grand, surprising, sweeping adventure. Love carries us, inspires us. Makes our heart hurt at times, but lifts us as well. A great gift, this day.

I hope we all get to enjoy many more :)

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