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Too tired to look it up today.  Forging through the week.  If a regular week is a marathon, this week is a triathlon.  Monday was the autism conference.  Yesterday was a bonus art lesson so we would finish our incredible art for tonight.  Because today was the school's big family night where we share all the amazing work that our kids created this year.  So I was home all of ten minutes before 7pm.  And those ten minutes were changing into a skirt and pulling a brush through my hair.  Tomorrow we have another evening event to greet next year's kinder families.  Oh, and I work all day. Three days down.  One tough day to go.  Friday . . . rest.  Except for going to pick up the new AFOs (braces).  Hopefully they work.  This week I could have used any extra help.  My legs are tired.  I'm tired.  My feet hurt with that sharp, biting pain instead of the dull achy pain.  The adrenalin, though, makes it hard to rest.  I'm buzzing, but not in a good way.  In a frenzied, can't sleep even when I have the chance way.  Still, lying down will help.  Read a little.  The tired will hit.  It will hit hard.  I see that freight train in the near future :)

Amazing the power of adrenalin . . . let it carry me through the week :).  Next week, I will, I will, slow down.  Really.  :)

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