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Living with CMT, Day 13,961

Yep.  Sick.  Sinus infection bronchitis sick.  Had a great day at work, actually, with medicine keeping the worst of the cold at bay.  Tie dyed shirts with the kids.  A lot of fun.  Then calling the doctor to please help because all of the medicines I took last night could not touch the painful pressure in my head.  I couldn't sleep and it was a new kind of miserable.  She was gracious enough to let me visit after official hours (thank you!).  Now I have antibiotics and hope for relief soon. Meanwhile, I can't breathe.  Not well, anyway.  Breath is precious.  I have an inhaler because my asmtha flares up when I get sick.  But it isn't helping much.  A nice deep breath sounds wonderful.  That and an end to the three-day headache.

I didn't mean to live my philosophizing about side-effects of CMT.  Really.  I didn't want this mess.  The kids all had this cold and recovered in a day or two.  So did my husband.  Me?

Big wreck.

Feels like my body works so hard just to get through the day, there's nothing left for another challenge.  I also told a friend, if I don't rest, my body will make sure I rest.  Sick or injured. The message is slow on down.  Heard.

Now, how to explain that to a two-year-old?  :)

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