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Living with CMT, Day 14005

Aw, I missed day 14,000!  I was going to have a party!

Oh well, that's life these days.  Way too fast :)

I did enjoy lovely weekend. One day of sun. Another of rain. My aunt visited and we brought the kids to the park on yesterday's gorgeous sunny day.  I adore my aunt.  We talked late into the night about family, motherhood, and life.  The best stuff!  I miss her already :).  She lives about 5 hours away, which is too far for me.  We need to live around the block :).

I was busy with school a lot last week.  Parent conferences.  And writing the newsletter tonight.  I am determined not to stay up too late :)

But we are getting the real work done for Lenkaland to be an official business.  So I'll be a small business owner, teacher, writer, and mom :).  We are gathering more and more expenses to keep this operation going strong.  Bigger better goodies for all of you (to make all of this magic happen).  We're also seeing my stories sell on Amazon.  Thank you!  So we might as well be official.  It's more forms and paperwork than I expected, but it will be good in the long run.

My doctor's appointment last week was fine.  The infection tests came back negative, but there's a chance of a false negative.  So Wednesday they will aspirate the cyst via ultrasound.  He says I should feel immediate relief not having it anymore.  Hurrah!  But there is a good chance it will grow again.  Not the end of the road yet.  They are going to run further tests to try and determine the cause.  Why it appeared in the first place.  An ongoing drama.  But if I can get a little sunshine through this gloom, I will be ecstatic.  Everyday I feel vaguely ill, like I am coming down with a cold or a few days away from recovering from a cold.  Not outright sick, but limbo-sick.

We also had long talks this weekend about medication.  And when or if it should be used.  And whether it is dangerous or helpful.  And management of symptoms with or without meds.  Food for thinking . . . and future posts :)

Then, last week, too, we received more information about my daughter's ongoing challenges with reading.  She deserves a post of her own so I won't go into details, but I'm constantly learning.  About my children.  My life.  Myself :)

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