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Living with CMT, Day 13,890

Better days.  :)  The medicine isn't so dramatic anymore.  I might be getting used to it.  The fatigue is no longer dragging at my heels.  Which is nice.  I'll phase it out of everyday use, I'm sure.  But I have more alternatives.  While Ian is so young and rambunctious. On the other side, I dropped dollhouse furniture on my foot.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.  Ouch.  Taken down by a mini-plastic oven.  To my credit, it is dollhouse furniture from Ikea.  Sturdy and solid.  Gave me quite a bruise.

At the same time, I'm creating space for Anika's room to be a kid room.  Ian sleeps in a crib next to our bed.  I'd love for him to have some space of his own.  Anika's room isn't that big.  And she is blessed with stuff.  So I'm playing Tetris with furniture.  Not the most restful undertaking.

Tomorrow is the local Children's Festival, a renaissance faire for kids.  Crafts, costumes, lemons with peppermint sticks stuck through the rind.  Good old fashioned fun.  And we're not missing that.

So afternoon I'll rest.  Oh, but there's a bookcase to move . . .  I'm big trouble for myself :)

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