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Got a shout out over at ChronicBabe today in the blog carnival, hurrah!  Other great links to articles about favorite self-care tools and techniques.  Cool stuff. For me, I found a metaphor today.

Some days the CMT is a poodle on a leash, a small thing really.  I can feel it tugging at my life and I may look and say I see you, what a good little thing you are in the hope that it will stay quiet and docile.

Then some days the CMT is a great dane.  Big, heavy, large paws padding alongside me and I just hope it doesn't decide to lie down and take a nap because there is no way I can drag that dog with me.  I slow down.  Pay attention.  Ask what it needs.

And then . . . then, some days the CMT is a wolf.  Fierce.  Wild.  I can barely understand it at all.  Scary.  And I stop.  Move slow.  Ask it to be kind.  Hope for the best.  And let it take the lead.  I feel small and fragile beside its power.

Better get myself to bed.  Or I'll wake up with the wolf tomorrow.  Today was a busy, great-dane sort of day.

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