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It has been awhile since I checked in on my life with the CMT perspective.  Probably because I've been doing pretty well living above the usual frustrations.  Had a string of good days.  Very nice.  Very tempting to think I have this dance figured out. Then I wake up today feeling like sludge. Slow.  Heavy.  In a fog.

I'm reading a book on hidden disability that calls it a flare up.  I call it the crash.  Or the wall.  The hard part is not knowing that I overdid it until the next day.  Or that the wall is coming until it hits hard.  I wish I could be better at pacing, or planning, or figuring out how much gas is actually in my tank.  Every day is so different these days.

Toddlers.  Ian did not sleep well last night.  At least an hour and maybe more of pestering me awake every time I dozed off between 3-5 in the morning.  Joy.

And I might be catching a cold.  That's another challenge.  Not knowing what is triggered by CMT and what may be completely unrelated.  I tend to blame the CMT until I am full blown sick.  Then I realize, oh, that's why it's been such a struggle. But I'm not getting sick this time.  I won't.  :)

Oh, and a storm came through so it's been cold again.  The aching feet are back.  Relief doesn't last long.

Teaching tomorrow so early bedtime tonight.  Sleep, baby boy, sleep . . .

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