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Living with CMT, Day 13,803

I call it the crash.  I call it the hangover (even though I didn't drink).  I call it the fallout.  I call it the punishment (when I am feeling frustrated).  I call it the consequence. The day after fun.

Yesterday was awesome-fun.  We had a last minute trip to meet up with my brother in the Bay Area.  We took the kids to Great America.  And it actually wasn't that much activity, really.  The park was well structured with a lot of benches.  I wasn't overwhelmed by the walking or standing during the day.

But today, phew, today is the wipeout.

I wouldn't trade the memories away. So I'll deal with my consequences :)  Early rest tonight.

And the podcast will be posted tomorrow.  I have my last conference for the Autism Spectrum series, so notes will be posted.  I may dedicate the podcast to lessons and reflections from these workshops. I'll see where my thoughts lead me . . .

For now, rest . . . :)

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