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34.3° Oh, how I would appreciate some sunshine.  I used to love gloomy weather but with Ian and Anika going stir crazy, and the way cold creeps into my bones, and twists at the arthritis in my feet, I will be so glad to see sunshine.  Our Easter was cold with icy winds and eventual rain that switched back and forth to snow.  Anika had a tough time, saying it didn't feel like Easter, and I had to agree a little.  Hard to feel like spring when chill and heavy rain pummels the roof and blossoming trees.

Spring break!  No school this week!  I am so glad not to be waking up and getting Anika to school.  I love school, but I also love lazy mornings.  We don't have big plans for the week.  Just the way that I like it.

I have a dream-plan, too, for managing my days.  I just need to set aside every afternoon for rest :).  Seriously, if I could cancel every appointment between 2-4pm, and just relax, I'd be in great shape.  The day would become two mini-days :) with morning and evening activities. A thought for the future.  Maybe as the kiddos get older, I could schedule time that way.

I really need to schedule down-time these days.  Because the constant motion doesn't work.  I know that and yet I keep seeing the small tasks and I say, after the laundry is put away, after the kitchen is clean, after the toys are organized . . .

Short term and long term consequences.  It can be hard to hold it all at once.  Impossible, really.

But I will be mindful.  I'll keep you posted how it all goes :)  or doesn't :)

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