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38.1° Ouch.  Thursday evening culminates two days of teaching.  The weather decided to go cold again.  We brought the kids outside to play today (hurrah) but it was still pretty chilly outside.

I'm gearing up for a couple of busy weeks, too.  Parent meetings, conference, going to visit preschools to let local families know about our K programs at NCSA.  All of which requires some planning and paperwork.

I often think, oh, if I get through this intense week or day, things will get better.  The choppy waters will calm.  And it never quite happens :)

I'm not complaining.  I have fun with the changing days.  I need a little challenge in my life.  Just cannot push too far, too fast.

Tomorrow I must resist the chores.  Tomorrow I must make my own weather.  Calm skies.  Gentle seas.  A little quiet :)

Sounds wonderful.

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