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46.6° Hello, March.  Today was welcome, since I had no conferences or work-obligations.  Ian and I cleaned house.  Or I cleaned and he tore up the house.  Same with laundry.  Busy busy.

We're making blankets for the Disney give-a-day, get-a-day opportunity.  I went to town with Ian to get the last fabric and we'll sew tomorrow.  Now I hear they may run out of tickets.

At least we're doing good for kids.

Thought it's a lot of effort on my end.

It'll all work out for the best.

In the meantime, waking up wasn't so difficult this morning.  By 1pm, though, my legs were back to brittle wood below the knees.  I could have lay down and slept within a minute or two (not in my schedule :)).  I made it through the afternoon with a cup of coffee.  I'll try for an early bedtime.  It's tough though because all of the things that need doing must wait until the kids go to sleep.  Off to post and answer emails.

Until tomorrow, then.

I am excited for developments for the podcast, though.  My new idea is an app of the week, something that helps with mobility, access, and/or improving lives.  I can find the Droid apps.  No Apple technology here, though.  Any ideas how I could get an iTouch for research purposes so I can get to Apple apps?

All kinds of marvelous plans in the works . . .

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