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Mila stopped by for a short visit on Friday. She is the perfect pixie!

Phew, we can be very busy doing hardly anything at all :)

On Friday we also discovered a great new store in Grass Valley.  Make Local Habit teamed up with a kids' store, Violet Spring (I think that's the name).  The entire store features products made by local people. She said they take products on consignment. And why, yes, pixies would be fantastic.

It's just in the making of them on my end :). Not much room for more projects :).

Anyway, the kids' store also featured a lot of the natural, wooden, silk toys. We found a few treasures, including wood clips to make forts and a handmade snack treat bag for Ian's goldfish. Lots of ideas!

On the project note, we dropped off our blankets yesterday. I want to dedicate a post to our blanket project, because it was a lot of fun. Now we keep our fingers crossed that the Disney ticket part all works out :) I'm spending time with the kids and noticing flowers blooming everywhere. Spring is on the horizon! And the sunshine feels grand.

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