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Let's Dance with Books!

I jumped on this opportunity. Well, not a real jump since I am relearning how to walk right now, but you know what I mean. I am a longtime fan of Blurb. When I saw I could work with them and help all of us, I couldn't wait to get started. And perfect timing! Right before the holidays. Blurb uses your photos and words to create beautiful books and more! They are offering sales this weekend so I encourage you to check them out. We read our Instagram photo book constantly.

I have also written books for Anika as she learned new reading skills. Her Tiger Book has simple texts and drawings that she helped create. We also made a Best Baby Book with comparisons using their photos.

To see the book, click here

This year will be tough to choose my project. I want to make a Book of Favorites with the things they love this year. Puppy Games, Footie Pajamas, and Forts. Or a collection of poetry with photos. Or an early-reader chapter book with lots of sight words for Anika.

I remember! Our family has been having a tough time with my husband's unemployment and my injury. I want a Family Book, with We love to dance, we laugh, we believe in each other. A little like an inspirational poster (or this fun Dysfunctional Family Rules poster which sounds a lot like us in the best way :)). Focus on the positive :)

And now Blurb makes ebooks, too. The options are endless. How will I ever choose?

Luckily, today through Monday, November 26, I can create a gift and get 25% off the promo code HOLIDAYTHANKS. Blurb books are a great way to make thoughtful gifts for friends and family while letting you unleash your creativity. If you want super-simple, create a photo book with your Instagram and Facebook images.

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