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Lenkaland Studios

Lenkaland Studios

Good news today! I am taking the leap and opening Lenkaland to the world. Before now, I took photos for family, friends, and my classroom. I heard more and more requests for photographing other events, other families. And the truth is that I love photography. I love stories. Stories in images, stories of our time now, stories of families. I love sharing stories.

Our world changes quickly. It's true. And the photos that I love from my childhood share a time and space. They share memories. They don't need perfect outfits or smiles. They need us.

And I love seeing us grow. My favorite photos are not even noticed by the children that I photograph. In the image above, Will was playing with play dough.

I sat beside them. I played. And then took photos.

My style is to visit awhile. Make connections. Catch the moment.

The fun, the formal, and the personalities :)

I love Lifestyle and Expressive photography. I want to share your moments, the big and the small. And especially when the small is the biggest thing in the world :)

I look forward to meeting new friends, seeing children grow. I look forward to adventures. And surprises.

I look forward to photographs that tell a story of you :)

I can only schedule a few families each month, so please let me know when you want me to visit. I live in Nevada County, California. I could be persuaded to go on adventures... :)

Learn more about my photography for your family here.

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