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Incredible how much work it takes just to remain in place.  The quiet work that is only seen when neglected: dishes, laundry, dusting, cleaning out the car, recycling . . . some days it's busiest at home :) We're having fun getting ready for a trip this weekend, too.  Balance is so important, balance between quick and mellow, excitement and calm.  The fun makes the work and the struggle worthwhile.

Ian was in a good mood today, playing with dinosaur magnets, pushing his car.  He tipped the laundry basket to climb inside and play peek-a-boo.  He grabs hunks of laundry to hug to him as he totters down the hall to the folding pile, then back to the closet to throw on the ground.  He watched Jurassic Park with Gio for a good twenty minutes.  He roars and points at the screen.  He loves dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, Anika is obsessed with a pink ring-tail lemur with a goofy sound-box that laughs or boings or zings.  Apparently every kid in her class has at least one and most have two or three or four.  So this kid? I said.  Well, no. This one?  No.  That one?  No.

But the close circle, the friends that matter, they all have plenty.  She has some money saved, but I talked her into waiting for a trip to the zoo later this weekend.  It's tough because I know she feels left outside a common story, and yet . . . yet it will be replaced in a week with another new must-have.  Being the parent means standing up against the tide.  And hopefully one day she'll understand.  Mean Mommy :)

Tomorrow is a teaching-day.  And packing for adventures.

Today wasn't so bad for the tiredness.  I seem to do better when I can mix activity with rest.  And I didn't give myself enough recovery time after the weekend-fun.  Sometimes I think I can control my symptoms of CMT.  If I only follow a certain path, make certain choices, I can control my days and my fatigue and my emotions.  I should know better.  There will be off-days even when I do everything 'right'.  There will be better days even when I am way too active.  Control is an illusion.  I did too many chores today.  My feet are angry.  But I have more energy.  So . . . no easy answers.

I should be getting used to that by now :)


One of Those Days