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June Wrap

The past two days of summer camp were a nice break for me.  Yesterday, Ian went to his friend's house and Anika had a last minute playdate.  Anika and her friend were golden, all quiet play, no fighting.  A dream day for Mama. Giovanni and I took advantage and recorded a podcast- with show notes!  Only to discover that one microphone shut off about twenty minutes into the recording.  Massive frustration.  He tried to set up today for a redo, but cannot get the two mikes happy again like last week.  The only thing that he can guess is that Apple did an update on my computer that tweaked the ability to record with two microphones.  He worked on it for almost an hour (hero) before giving up.  It's messed up.  I thought this whole podcast-process was as simple as talking into a phone, or having someone call and recording the conversation.  But in order to get the nice quality, it takes serious equipment.  Bummer.  I'll still post my show notes, and we  might try one mike tomorrow, but it's not as much fun by myself :(

Other good news, though.  My camera will be here tomorrow!  Hurrah!  Get ready for lots of summer-fun photos!

And I sold a fairy on Etsy.

And I made a fan page on Facebook for Forest Fairy Crafts because I felt the fairies needed a home of their own.  And we have 24 fans already!  One more and I can get a custom domain, hurrah!

And I sketched two pages for the new Anika book.

And I started writing some fiction.  Not because I have to, but because I remembered how much I like to write :).  Must mean my energy levels are creeping back to almost-normal :)

A good luck kind of day :)

Oh, and we had a great time in the Children's Place.  Anika fell in love with a bag a few months ago.  We live about an hour away and didn't have a reason to go back until today.  We couldn't find them so she asked the salespeople with a vague description- "You know that bag, with beads on it, and a flower?"  Not only did they know exactly what she meant, they searched the entire store and brought a new version from the back.  They gave us a coupon code for free shipping so we could look online for the one she wanted.  Then, they found the bags!  And there was only one white one left- exactly the one Anika wanted.  She's a happy girl.  And we found a Star Wars shirt for Ian while we waited for the bag, so they won too, with us splurging on a shirt.  They went above-and-beyond.  Hurrah.

That reminds me, summer camp today- Ian was at daycare.  And we needed things from the big stores down the hill.  We weren't back until after 4.

My kind of summer camp schedule :).  Just kidding.  Tomorrow we get back on track.  We have a trip to the farm!

My Camera's Back!

Summer Camp Moves Indoors