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January Visit to Fairytale Town

January Visit to Fairytale Town

I knew that we needed a little adventure on Monday. And we have a lovely adventure that is a day trip from here. My mom and niece joined us for the fun. We visited Fairytale Town in Sacramento. The park is a big playground inspired by favorite stories. Run the Crooked Mile. Drive the pumpkin coach. Climb and slide and run.


I sit and watch :). I love that the park has lots of benches. And the kids are at the age where I don't panic about them bonking their head on a metal slide.

I found this treasure while waiting. Between the crook of a giant tree grew a tiny tiny tree. I wonder how long it will grow in this unlikely spot. Perhaps I need to revisit over the years :)



Ian was enchanted with the map this visit. "Guys, guys, over here! Let's check where we are going! What do we want to see next?"

The park isn't that big, so he put that map to good use and made sure that we saw everything.

wpid10479-FairytaleTownJan14-6.jpg wpid10481-FairytaleTownJan14-7.jpg wpid10483-FairytaleTownJan14-8.jpg

Lots of different types of play-spaces, from the castle to the pirate ship to the fisherman.


We are having a dry winter here in Northern CA, so he was one of the few areas that still had water. Most of the moats were dry. Signs explained that dry times meant dry moats.

They did let the kids water Mr. MacGregor's Garden. And even though my kids can water plants all the time around here, this was a big attraction.


And he is holding the map. He won't let us get lost :)

wpid10489-FairytaleTownJan14-11.jpg wpid10491-FairytaleTownJan14-12.jpgTreat break. My niece was all ready to enjoy hers right away!


And rainbow bracelets everywhere :)

The girls found blossoms that had dropped to the ground.



They were enchanted.

Now, I love sunshine and warm days. But in January? All the trees blooming? Just feels wrong...

Anyway, the light became lovely, silky-gold in the afternoon.


A beautiful day.



A gift of a day :)

Wishing you wonderful stories :)

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