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How Could I Forget? For Day 14,678

How could I forget the most important financial consequence of chronic illness? These "extras" that improve health and quality of life, you need to pay for them with little or no paycheck. Because if you need extra care, you probably struggle at work. Or you are like me, part time. Or you cannot work at all. I had an enourmous change in symptoms and my mood once I stopped working full time. I could handle (and even enjoy) life again. But now I have limited our families finances forever. There is no possible way I can return to full time.

Oh, but I do have best selling writer dreams. Those will save us :)

Seriously, the finances of CMT that is getting worse, or any chronic illness, are far-reaching and serious. I wrote more yesterday about dreams for a higher quality of life. Perhaps I write about where my money really goes in the next few days- like wrist-braces and medication.

Meanwhile, the day begins. I hope you enjoy your day!

Shine On! My Friend Oli

Living with CMT, Day 14,678