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Hoppy Easter

Easter begins with a ring of dirt.

The Easter Bunny leaves dirt after munching on the carrot and lettuce that Anika left for him.  Or her.  That's Anika's question for next year.  Girl or boy Easter bunny?

And of course he leaves loot.

The giant chocolate bunny brings me right back to my own childhood Easter.  Chocolate didn't get more glamorous than a hollow bunny.

Easter morning we dress up.  Even if it is pouring rain outside.  We will be spring-time.

The bunny was a gift from last year or the year before.  She had a little matching dress for the bunny.  Dressed the bunny with tights and a jacket.

I made gnomes for Anika.  Which is a treat because usually the gnome go to other homes (I had to say it :)).  The bunny was a little mistake turned into inspiration.  She was too puffy with the white tummy, so I made a white cape and drew the heart and decorations.  They are much-adored.  I made a rainbow bunny for my niece but I couldn't get a photo.  She didn't want to share :)

Grandma gave Ian a cute monkey.

But nothing is as cute as diving into foil-wrapped chocolates before breakfast :)

My niece and Anika.  The rain kept us indoors. But they played plenty of chase and screaming games inside :)

Ian was the calm one this year, reading bunny books.

I knitted little treasure-bags to hold the gnomes as a necklace.  Pretty sweet with those little bunny ears poking out :)

Breakfast-feast was egg souffles in our own ramekins with toppings.  And an orange egg :)

Dyed eggs by Anika and Ian with Mom's collection of blown-eggs.  Some from the Czech Republic from years and years ago.  Communist eggs :).

The egg hunt!  No real eggs lost this year :).  We hope :)

And the finale- scones with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream.  Thank you, Mom, for hosting another wonderful Easter!

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