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Morning feels surreal.  Strange to think that we woke up far from here.  The airplane ride adds another dimension to the day.  We took off in stormy rains.  The plane dipped and swayed and carried us on a roller coaster ride until we rose up into the sunshine over the clouds. Ian struggled against the confines of plane-riding this time.  He climbed over us and tugged at the seatbacks and tried to scamper down the aisles.

He fell asleep as the tires thudded on the runway.  Then he cried and cried as we waited our turn to unload.  For some reason, families no longer board first.  There is a group of about 60 passengers before families.  With these passengers scattered along window seats, the front half of the plane lacks a group of seats together. Each flight, our family was in the back section of the plane.  We had to wait wait wait to disembark.  We have to wait for the stroller, anyway, but, still . . . not sure how supportive the arrangement is for families.  Or passengers around our crying baby.

There was a medical group allowed to board first.  They all had wheelchairs, though, so I didn't feel qualified.  Oh well.  The trip was awesome-fun despite a little turbulence :).

Anika was quoted in the First Grade Note this week.  Mama, I'm a writer. Makes my heart proud :)

And she asked about the dragon book.  Must get back on track there.

Back to school tomorrow.  Rain falls and falls.  I hope it stays healthy rain watering forests and nothing more.

My favorite part of the trip was Ian and Coltrane together.  Yesterday after five days of chase and read-together, play-ball-together, run-with-loud-poppers-together, they finally broke through formalities and wrestled.  Tackled, rolled around on the living room floor.  Too much fun.

Better rest for work, and my new data-collection on cold :)

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