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Health Update

A wild day with an ultrasound and very long needle (luckily they use topical numbing) to figure out what is going on with this spenic cyst.  I had a melt down in the office when he said, "We're just taking a sample to get more information." "What? No, the other doctor said we would take as much out as we could, that I would get some relief."

Well, it's a little more complicated than that.  If it's infectious, bad things could happen.  They need to know if it's a result of injury or genetics or infection before taking permanent-solution steps.

No, no, no.  My next appointment is in a month.  I could not do another month of this worrying and drag-down survival mode.

So they were very kind and said they would try.

I hope they know what sunshine that compassion shone into my world.  Because it worked.  This cyst was big, bigger than I even guessed.  I was shocked.  I feel different.  Rearranged.  And it's still there (much smaller).  And it will probably grow again, but at least I get a little break.  I'm really sore and tired but the difference is noticeable already.  Once this gets figured out, I'll feel so much better.

The entire time, they're saying how rare this condition is, and how they don't have a lot of experience with splenic cysts.  Nothing like being the rare-girl :).  I also explained CMT to them because I said each challenge probably aggravated each other, and my system was stretched to the limit.  Always an opportunity to put CMT on the radar :)

I'm off to rest.  I was ordered to do 'sedentary activity' for awhile.  Tell that to my two year old :)

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