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Days since injury: 5Days in splint: 5 Doctor visits: 2

I am on an island. In my room. Depending on my family for almost everything. And they are amazing. Moments like this humble me, to see the people around me shine.

Of course, every injury has the short-term and the long-term consequences. Getting help is easier in the short term. The drama of an injury inspires everyone. Then, as the story becomes a new 'normal', it's harder to keep the generous attention sustained. I completely understand that. So it gets tricky, to keep asking for water, or snacks, or favors.

I am still on the grace-island, luckily. My family is amazing. I can't say it enough :)

I go through waves myself. I talk myself into a space where this injury isn't such a big deal. Really. Maybe I overreacted, that's all.

Then I woke up this morning sore and fussy. I tried to figure out why I felt worse today than yesterday. Oh, I went to the doctor office yesterday. In order to get a prescription for a wheelchair, I had to show my local doctor that I was a disaster on crutches. It was a good visit, though, as a reality check that I need to take serious care of this injury. And I have a wheelchair. So I can go places like the fair or a store. I am so sketchy on the crutches (though I am getting a little better), that I wouldn't even want to cross a parking lot to get a scooter. Or maybe Giovanni could bring me a scooter? I don't even know how all of these mobility-tools work! *sigh*

So I stay in bed with the leg elevated. I did manage to go out to the living room to play Pirates on the Xbox with Ian.


What continues to shock me is how much energy this healing requires. I get out to the couch and I'm exhausted. I sit about thirty minutes and I'm done for the next three hours. I can almost see the energy flowing towards the injury. I am constantly drained emotionally, physically, and even mentally. It's tough to hold a conversation for very long. I am humbled by enormity of this challenge for myself. Just please, please, heal quickly.

Ha. For me, the CMT doesn't know how to heal quickly. I hear the average healing time, then add days or weeks (or months) to that expectation. Every time I had a serious problem, doctors were surprised how hard it hit me, how long it lasted, and how difficult it was to reach 'normal' again.

But it's so hard to be patient! So hard to realize that summer is slipping away. My days lounging by the pool. Gone. River trips. Gone. Organizing the kids' room. Gone. Because even when I get a better cast, I won't have the energy...

I'm digging a dangerous hole. This gets depressing quick.

So instead, I am going to focus on the fact that I got to answer long-neglected messages today, I am working with a few friends with CMT for an exciting September Awareness project. I am forced to slow way way down. And I can lament my fate. Or ride the wave. Relax on this island. After all, I'm not going anywhere :)

For awhile :)

Oh, and Giovanni got to spend time with Anika making her dream come true. Her streaks are pink! She's thrilled.


A good view on my island :)


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