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Today is my nameday, Lenka Day!  In the Czech Republic, every day of the year has a patron saint or significant name, like St. Valentine's Day.  Today is Lenka Day.  I get a little cake, little present, little celebration.  Hurrah.  Lenkas of the world, get up and party!! The week's been busy, again.  Ian got the muck this week.  We visited the doctor on Tuesday and he has the beginnings of an ear infection.  That could be giving him vertigo and nausea leading to upset tummy.  So now he's on medicine that's giving him terrible diaper rash.  Poor baby!

He turned six months on Friday!  He had two bites of baby rice cereal last night.  Little guy is growing big!

Over the weekend, we had a break in at the School of the Arts.  Someone broke into the office and took petty cash, pizza money, and the school's credit card.  In late breaking news on Sunday, they caught the thief!  He used the school credit card to buy . . . liquor.  Hint, schools don't use their credit cards in liquor stores (as a general rule :)).  So that little window on yucky human behavior seems to end with justice, though I still think it's sad that he would feel he needed to a) break into a school and b)take from kids under any circumstances.  I hope that he finds the truth he needs. 

I fought my own battle with the cold germs and I'm still stuffy but not taken down completely.  A couple of days of gorgeous sunshine this week (though I hear a big storm is heading our way thanks to weatherguru).  I managed to write a page on my fun short story right now.  Hoping to finish it this weekend.  I'm in the land of short term goals right now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! _week, now.  It took the weekend to finish the post :)

He's big but still smaller than the bear!