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Four for Fun, Feisty, and Festive!

It wouldn't be an adventure, if everything went as planned. Ian's birthday this year was an epic adventure. We had a family business trip so we drove south to to work on our Secret Project. I still have to keep the secret (believe me, I asked) but we will get to reveal it soon, I promise.

The trip's timing was beyond my control. We chose to celebrate the day, even with the packed schedule. I took lots of pictures of my brand-new four year old. He made me laugh with silly faces. Even though a birthday is one day like many others, his birthday brought my attention to how quickly he changes.


He has a wistful sweetness. Along with a wild roar and a wicked laugh.


Four for four! Happy birthday!

I am so grateful. He's amazing. A force of nature. We stayed in a hotel and jumping on the bed quickly became leaping from bed-to-bed.


The hotel had a great retro vibe that matched the headband Anika made for herself earlier in the day.


She took yarn and finger-knit one strand, then knit it again for this chunky-cute creation.


They both make me so happy. The ankle continues to be a challenge (of course). Such a long, slow healing. My goodness. But at least we could have the adventure. To make the day special for Ian, we took him to get his favorite foods. Soup and fried rice. We made it fancy with fire at a Teppanyaki restaurant. He loved it! They brought him ice cream with a candle and we sang for him. He made a wish.


He leaned towards me, I wish for orange juice, he said.

I love four! The adventure is just beginning :)

A couple more photos from the trip. The sky was covered with these feathered angel clouds. So beautiful.


And Anika at the park with fairies.


Life is my favorite adventure. :)

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