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Happy Birthday Deda!

Deda celebrates 66 years today!  Weenjoyed going to my parents for Tahoe Brunch and cake.  Deda had poppyseed and orange cake that mom baked.  Good stuff except Anika says a proper birthday cake needs icing.  She played so well with Mila and Ian.  She is becoming quite the big cousin organizing the games.  At one point they all crawled in a single line down the hall, sneaky-quiet.  "We are dogs," she said, "baby wild dogs.  No . . . cheetahs."  And Mila followed under the table where they set up pillows and blankets for their den.  I love seeing Anika be that leader.  She's so patient with them. Deda was in good spirits, back from Bandon.  His Route 66 birthday, he said.  We look forward to many more!

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