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Gymnastics Class with Ian

Forty-five minutes with a two year old in gymnastics class.  We go every Tuesday.  Today, I brought the camera.  I know he won't get younger.  And who can resist toddler tumbling?

The fascinating thing for me became the stories within class.  I know why he exhausts me :)

I'll show you

The very important orange square.  He says ornj (one syllable).  I dread the day another kid chooses the ornj square.  The world might stop spinning.

My own fascination discovered two stories within the story of gym class.  One is his busy self.  He doesn't stop!  He did all of this and more in 45 minutes.

My other story was his love of mechanics and building and how things are put together.  It's not enough to jump and hang and run.  He wants to see inside the equipment and behind the climbing walls to figure out how it all works.  He has a curious mind along with his busy-self.  Pretty fun to see his personality getting stronger every day right along with his balance and coordination.  He's a treasure :)

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