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Gymboree Rocks!

Ian Gymboree Pajamas These pajamas have a sad story.  And a happy ending.  A few weekends ago, we stopped at the Vacaville Premium Outlets on the way to a cousin-party.  Ian was so happy with the skateboarding puppies.  He wanted his own bag.  He trotted off as we checked one more store for Thanksgiving outfits.  He played chase with Anika for awhile in the racks.  We herded him into the car and drove two hours home.

"Where's the bag?" I asked Anika.

"You have it," Anika said.

"I do?"

I didn't.  Anika didn't have the bag.  Ian didn't have the bag.  Or the pajamas, which made him very sad.  I called the store where he lost the bag and they hadn't seen it.  Well, it was in a Gymboree bag, so I called Gymboree.  Sure enough, a good samaritan found it in the other store, stuffed under a rack.  They thought maybe someone had stolen the pajamas and ditched them when worried about being caught.

No, just a wild 2 year old given too much responsibility :)

It would cost more to ship them than the price of the pajamas.  And we couldn't afford a two hour drive.  The gas would cost more than brand new pajamas.

But she would see what she could do . . . she would call her district manager and call me back.  Maybe they could ship for free.  Her name was Ariann and she didn't give me any grief about our story, no guilt about how we lost the pajamas in the first place.

Which was very sweet, since it was totally our fault.  And three days later, a happy boy!  He's sleeping in them tonight since they're his new favorite.  Skate-puppies!

I like to shine a light when a company goes above and beyond.  And to our helper, Ariann, thank you!!  I love when we can bring surprise stories to companies and find solutions beyond short-term costs.  And really, the money will come around, because I enjoy supporting companies that support me, too.  Thank you!  You didn't have to, but you did, and my boy is so happy, I am so happy, and I can cross the pajamas off of my list of things I dropped :)

You rock!

Happy Thanksgiving

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