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Good News to Share!

At last, hurrah! My husband got a job! The eighteen month desert of uncertainty is ending. I keep taking deep breaths. I bought tea at the store. Tea we didn't need and it felt so extravagant and fancy. I catch myself holding my breath. It won't be real until the first paycheck is deposited. But I also won't wait to let all the anxiety fall from my shoulders. We are so fortunate. And I empathize with everyone still struggling. Keep moving. Keep going. One step after another. The path will bend. The impossible trees will thin and the sun will shine. And it will feel. Like magic.20121129-225622.jpgI must say my hubby will have a commute, and it's a night shift. So not the perfect-perfect situation. But he will be working with digital tech for movies, which sounds interesting. And, honestly, we don't care about details. The important things are that we won't lose the house. We won't need to move far away. We don't weigh every little purchase against a mountain of debt. We need time to dig out again. But we can be hopeful. We can enjoy the season :).

I hope the good fortune finds you, too. Let the stars align for happiness :)

Life as a Wired Zombie

Life as a Wired Zombie

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